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Westside Joe's Bikes - Bike Fitting

Bike Fitting

What is bike fitting?

Bike fitting is the process of adjusting a bicycle to specifically fit the rider's body. When you choose to have your bike fit at Westside Joe's, our mechanic will adjust the saddle to ensure a comfortable, optimal, and natural riding height and adjust/fit the pedal to ensure proper leg extension and knee and foot alignment. Depending on the style of bike you ride, we will also ensure proper cleat positioning.


Don't have cleats or proper riding shoes? We can also get you fitted for that.

Having proper riding shoes can make a huge difference when it comes to road cycling and mountain biking.

Why should I get my bike fit?

Getting your bike fit to your body will ensure a more comfortable ride, allow you to ride longer distances, and help the bike work at maximum efficiency. Can you simply purchase a bike at random, adjust as needed, and ride? Yes, but bikes are not one size fits all, and you may not know what adjustments are needed to get a better ride. Commuter bikes, racing bikes, mountain bikes, BMX bikes, road bikes - no matter what kind of bike you ride, you can benefit from having your bike fit by a professional.

What should I expect when getting my bike fit?

Our mechanic will take your riding style, injury history, anatomy, and current level of strength and flexibility into account and adjust your bike based on a mix of his professional opinion and what's most comfortable for you. If you wear riding shoes/cleats, make sure to bring them along, as these have an effect on your fitting.

A fitting can take anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours based on what needs to be done.

Our rate for a bike fitting is $150/hr.  

Only available Thursday and Friday, 1 PM – 6 PM. We are limited to 2 bike fittings a day.


Westside Joe's Bikes - Bike Fitting
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